Tours & photos

We happily give facility tours seven days a week, no appointment needed. One of our staff will show you around and make sure you leave with all the info you need.

Here are a few things to consider when touring any boarding or daycare facility:

  • Are you comfortable with the ratio of staff to animals?
  • Are your questions answered to your satisfaction?
  • Are there strong smells, either that of unclean kennels or harsh chemicals?
  • What’s the general vibe of the place (i.e., calm, chaotic, orderly, cheerful)?
  • Are there indoor and outdoor areas?
  • Where are the animals when not in a play yard?
  • Do the pets seem content and at ease? 
  • Are the kennels and play areas clean?

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Facility photos

Now boarding
Now Boarding
Dogs in boarding facility
Dog in boarding suite
Now Boarding Cat Room
cat boarding
Dogs inside
Dogs outside
Empty play yard
Dog in play yard
Outdoor play yard
Dog play yard
Dog play yard
Dog play yard
Dogs in play yard
Dogs and staff in play yard