Dog boarding

We’re committed to ensuring that each and every pet has the best experience possible while in our care. Because no dog is quite like yours, we offer add-on services for a fully customized stay. 

It’s our goal to make every guest — from the feistiest puppy to the most mellow senior — feel completely at home. 

Staff are here 24/7! Call us anytime to check boarding availability, ask questions about our services, or get an update on your four-legged family members.

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Boarding accommodations & rates

Light-filled, temperature-controlled dog suites vary in size and provide access to individual covered outdoor runs. Suites are cleaned and sanitized regularly and feature relaxing music, comfortable bedding, and auto-fill water dishes.

Junior suite: $43 per dog

Space: 4' x 6'

Limited to dogs 30 lbs. and under or two dogs totaling 30 lbs.

Queen suite: $48 per dog

Space: 6' x 6'

Limited to two dogs or three mini dogs, totaling no more than 160 lbs.

King suite: $52 per dog (with webcam option)

Space: 6' x 12'

Limited to three dogs totaling no more than 245 lbs.

Webcam option: $66 per dog

Check in on your best friend throughout their stay!

Day boarding: starting at $33

Try our convenient day boarding option if you’re remodeling, taking a day trip, or have a family emergency that will keep you from home for the day. Day boarding provides care for up to 15 hours (not overnight). 

Not sure what your pet will think about Now Boarding? Day boarding is a great way to meet our experienced staff and get to know our services and suites. 

Day boarding rates:

  • Monday-Thursday: $33 per dog
  • Friday-Sunday (and holiday periods): $36 per dog

Dogs are given the opportunity to go outside to potty 4 times per day, either in their private outdoor run or during their complimentary individual or group playtime.

More on pricing

We charge in half-day increments, and we bill on a 24-hour cycle that starts at the time of your check-in. That means you're only charged for the time your pet is with us.

Now Boarding guests receive a 15% discount for additional dogs in a shared suite.

Need to cancel? Read more about our cancellation policy and terms of service.

Parking & airport transportation service

We’re just minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, which makes us an easy choice for travelers. Read more about our parking and airport transportation services.

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Add-on services

While at Now Boarding, your pup will receive regular, personalized attention from our dog-crazy staff, but a little extra TLC can go a long way! Check out the additional services we offer:

  • Sweet Relief (two extra potty breaks per day): $10
  • Grooming/bathing: $15-$35
  • 40 minutes of group play with up to 12 dogs: $10
  • 3 hours of group play with up to 40 dogs (for overnight boarding guests only): $12
  • Extra individual playtime of 15 or 30 minutes: $9-$15
  • Treat-filled KONGS and Frosty Paws: $4
  • Calming pheromone treatment: $5

What to pack

It’s our goal to make Now Boarding your pet's home away from home. Here are a few tips that may help your dog settle in.

  • Bring familiar comforts, like your dog’s favorite blanket, a dog bed, and a much-loved toy or two. Even a worn T-shirt that smells like home is welcome!
  • Provide your pet’s regular food and treats. Include extra in case your travel is delayed.
  • Do not bring any hide-type chews (e.g. rawhide, pig’s ear, snouts, etc.) or other products, like rope toys, that may present a choking hazard.
  • Consider a pheromone treatment (spray, collar, or wipe), if your dog feels stress outside of your home. Calming or appeasing pheromones can help relieve stress and anxiety.

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